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Caciocavallo cheese from south Sicily hungs up during the aging process

The history of Sicilian cheese is very old, beginning with the settlement of the Phoenicians on the island. Thanks to Homer and Aristotle, we know that in antique times, Sicily was inhabited by shepherds who knew the techniques of transforming milk and preparing sheep’s cheese. From this antique cheese tradition we have a wide variety of typical cheese, made with the milk of the native species and using traditional methods. There is a long list of historic cheeses: Ragusano, Pecorino siciliano and Vastedda del Belice, Fiore Sicano, Provola dei Nebrodi, Provola delle Madonie, Maiorchino, Piacentino ennese, Caprino di Girgentana, Ricotta infornata and many others.


“Piacentino ennese”, an exquisite pecorino flavoured with saffron

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