“Frutta martorana”


This speciality, which perfectly resembles fruit and vegetables, demonstrates the fine art of Sicilian pastry chefs, who show their skill of modelling and decorating. Originally, like many other recipes, these were prepared by nuns within a monastery, the Monastery of Martorana of Palermo - whose Church is one of the most beautiful in the city – and were typically prepared for the day of the Dead, in November. Today they are found throughout the year in the best patisserie.
Here is the recipe:
dissolve on a low heat 530 gr. sugar with ½ glass of water until it begins to string, add 500 gr. of ground almonds and 100 gr. of 00 flour (for cakes and  sweeties). Continually stir over a low heat until the paste separates and becomes thick and almost hard. Remove from heat. Allow to cool. When cool you can model and decorate.


Sardines “a beccafico” The volcano Etna
Sardines “a beccafico”
The volcano Etna
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