Our project

Cotumè offers unique, engaging and fun food&wine experinces:  cooking classes, show cooking and food walking tours, perfect for both leisure and incentive groups.

Cuisine is for us an unusual and pleasant key of access to discover different places, from the most sophisticated to the most authentic. That’s why our cooking experiences take place in some prestigious venues that we have selected specifically because of their particular “value” for food and wine.
But we have not forgotten the most authentic expressions of the territory, the popular ones, with their places and traditions.

If you’re thinking of a cooking class in Sicily, think ours like a journey into the Island through the experience of cooking and the pleasure of good food and wine.

For us cuisine is also the flavour of a place.
That’s why we want to reveal Sicily through its cuisine and the extraordinary ingredients that we can find in Sicily. A cuisine that offers a unique blend of aristocratic and popular dishes, and very tasty street food. A universe of recipes that tells the story (and myths) of the people who inhabited it: Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spanish and French. Not to mention the bakery, a true art form!

So each dish is a journey in taste and memory, to discover flavors that come from far away to meet up on our table.

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