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From the market to the fire-burning oven

The red umbrellas of the fishmongers, the live fish on their desks, the voices of the merchants, the colors of fruits and vegetables, the smells of spices, people in the streets between the Baroque buildings… Here’s a quick impression of the Pescheria, the historical fish market of Catania, nestled between Piazza Duomo and the sixteenth-century gate of Charles V.

Visiting the fish market will be an opportunity to taste dried or candied fruit and drink acqua e zammù, the traditional Catanese summer drink; but will also be an opportunity to buy some of the ingredients that will be used to flavor the pizzas: olives, anchovies, tuma and ricotta cheese, tomatoes, basil, capers, peppers …

Then we will move to a pizzeria (just 100 meters from the fish market) to start our hans-on activity: under the supervision of the pizza chef and the staff of Cotumè, everyone will stretch and season his pizza and then will fire it in the wood stove. And, after lunch, it will be the turn to stuff the Sicilian cannoli and decorate it with pistachios and candied, as tradition demands!

A funny, engaging, very hands-on proposal, perfect for team building or incentive and leisure groups.

Visit of the Pescheria, pizza cooking class and cannolo

Pescheria, Catania

- Tour of the fish market lead by a Sicilian food storyteller
- Purchase of some ingredients to season the pizzas
- Pizza cooking class: every participant will prepare a pizza
- Lunch with pizzas prepared
- Stuffing and decoration of Sicilian cannoli

about 3 hours


piazza Duomo, Catania


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