Our history

A few years ago we were walking along the streets of a charming English town, full of music, pretty boutiques and inviting coffee-shops. Everywhere a vibrant atmosphere and many fragrances, mostly of food; and all of those smells revealed the so many different cultures that had mingled they’re, bringing along the most characteristic trait of all: their traditional cuisine.

Maybe we had to get there in order to understand the value of our cuisine, so rich and indissolubly tied with the thousand-year history of the Island. A sign of our identity.

Back in Sicily we started looking at it with new eyes and we felt like we need to share that vision with others, by revealing our Sicily in a different way: through our passion for its culture and cuisine.

And what about the name? Cotumè is not a fancy name, but it derives from the greek and means “little bag”. In Sicily is the name of an old sweet that we discovered by chance, during one of our trips along the island, in the recipes book of a Sicilian marquise lived during the 19th cent.: ricotta cheese pancakes, served hot and topped with honey and cinnamon. For us that recipe evoked an entire universe of stories, traditions and culture. Maybe because both shepherds and marquises were very fond in this cheese, suitable both for savoury and sweet dishes which satisfied the hunger of the former and the whims of latter.

And here is our project: a journey to discover Sicily through its cuisine, in a unique mix of history, myth and territory

Ivano e Loredana

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